At Media-AI Lab, we explore the potential of Generative AI in transforming future of Human-AI media workflows.

All our experiments are conducted using open source models, public datasets and then fine-tuned using private encrypted data.

Generative AI technologies have the potential to solve a number of teething problems in current day media and content workflows.

Media workflows are changing.
AI is at the heart of it.

At Media-AI Lab, we are actively experimenting with privately trained and deployable AI / ML technologies that Media and Enterprise can use to transform their workflows and unlock creativity.

Our Approach to Generative AI

GenAI technologies are powerful, disruptive and risky. We help you understand, build, train and deploy in safe and secure way.

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Augmenting Existing Media Workflows

We focus our efforts on solving pertinent media workflow challenges, such as stock image, stock footage, creative design, audio generation, video generation and more.

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Built on Open Source Technologies

Each of our experiments are conducted using open source technologies. We track the latest emerging text-to-image, text-to-video, audio generation, video generation tech, and build on top.

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Fine-Tuned on Private Data

We don't use public GenAI APIs. Instead, we train and fine-tune on private encrypted data that even we don't access. We host on secure Cloud GPUs. Our goal is to avoid data leakage.

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Built by a Network of Researchers

We collaborate with top researchers globally who are pushing the edge of latest GenAI tech and building the future. We enable them to experiment, discover solutions and write about it.


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