Get Cutting-Edge Content on Climate Tech, Its Value, and Promise

Hire content teams who are driven by sustainability. We curate expert faculty, industry mentors and students to create original content that showcase the vision of your climate company.

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Get Cutting-Edge Content on Climate Tech, Its Value, and Promise

Creating Content That Leads to Action on the Ground

We help you curate researchers, data scientists, writers and film-makers to create unique content around your company.

Meet a Content Team Who Understands Climate Technology

Our pool of writers with deep domain expertise mix their passion for climate science with the desire for change. Our researchers, developers, writers and editors team up to produce original content that’s exclusive to your business.

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Meet a Content Team Who Understands Climate Technology
Create Deeply Researched Content That Stand Out from the Clutter

Create Deeply Researched Content That Stand Out from the Clutter

Give your climate business a boost with riveting content by pre-vetted content creators who understand technology and are passionate about climate change. Create explainer videos, landing pages, webinars, white papers, blogs, user guides, product docs and more.

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Save Cost Through Zero Risk, On-Demand Teams

Our communications specialists with years of experience bring modern content development methodology to your business. With unparalleled industry and technology knowledge, using a blend of individualized research and AI.

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Save Cost Through Zero Risk, On-Demand Teams

How It Works? is a unique content company focussing on helping businesses leverage domain-specific vertically deep content.

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Meticulously Crafted Content Strategy

Our teams track latest research and developments in Climate Tech and Circular Economy ecosystem, to come up with timely and aligned content ideas and strategy.

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Hybrid Research-Focussed Content Teams

Our hybrid teams approach means that you get the best in research and writing, to get narratives that are uniquely crafted for the Climate Tech, Clean Tech, Sustainability and Circular Economy domain.

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Fully Managed Editorial Pipeline

Our editorial pipeline ensures that you save the cost of hiring, training, retraining in-house teams. Every piece of content is technically checked, editorially verified.

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Zero-Risk. Upscale, Downscale, Cancel Anytime

Use the benefit of stopping, starting or cancelling your subscription with anytime. We are highly flexible.

Leverage Research-Focussed Technical Content Teams For Growth And Revenue

Technical content landscape is undergoing a seismic shift due to generative AI and LLM technologies. Work with tech-savvy writers who understand their power and unlock their benefits for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Superteams?

Superteams is a platform that connects companies and orgs with hybrid teams of AI-savvy content creators who specialize in creating vertically-focussed deep content that’s exclusive to them. We are the management layer between remote subject-matter experts, and businesses that engage them. By working with us, businesses save the headache of building in-house editorial teams, and get the peace of mind of working with professional editors, researchers, technologists and analysts who track trends and guide the strategy.

How can Superteams help climate tech and circular economy businesses?

Superteams can help climate tech and circular economy businesses by providing access to a pool of vetted creators, researchers and editors who can help them create high-quality original content at scale. Superteams vets each content creator and content writer for their technical ability, language skills, SEO skills, and more, in order to bring together the best in the industry.

What kind of content can Superteams produce?

Superteams' creators can produce a range of vertically focussed content including whitepapers, case studies, blogs, product documentation, and more. We also do explainer videos, product videos, and host podcasts and webinars to showcase a brand.

How are Superteams' content creators vetted?

Superteams' content creators are vetted through a rigorous screening process that includes a review of their technical skills, writing / video creation abilities, and industry experience.

What is the process of working with Superteams?

Businesses can submit a content request through our platform, and we will match you with a hybrid team who have the necessary expertise and experience. Our editorial layer will ensure every piece of content is checked and verified. Eventually, you only pay for what you approve, so it's zero-risk for your business.

How does Superteams ensure quality and consistency in content creation?

Superteams has a quality control process that includes reviewing all content before it is delivered to the client, and a system of providing feedback to ensure that it meets the client's requirements.

Can Superteams help with content strategy?

Yes, Superteams can provide guidance on content strategy, including recommendations for content types, topics, and distribution channels.

What is the pricing model for Superteams' services?

Superteams' pricing model is based on the type and volume of content requested, as well as the level of technical expertise required. Clients can choose to scale up or down their subscription, or cancel it after giving sufficient notice.

How can climate tech and circular economy businesses get started with Superteams?

You can get started with Superteams by requesting a demo call. During the call, our team will analyse the content gaps that your business is facing and revert back with a strategy and best-fit team profile. You can then get access to a dashboard where you can manage content tasks.