About Superteams.ai

In March 2023, we quietly launched Superteams.ai, a platform redefining creation in the era of Generative and Large Language Model (LLM) AI. Since our inception, we have enabled businesses to seamlessly harness the power of Generative AI by helping them engage elite AI developers through a fully remote model.

Unlocking Capabilities of Generative AI

Business workflow is undergoing a massive shift since the arrival of Generative AI and LLM technologies. We help you understand it and build you teams that can enable you to prepare for the AI future.

The story behind our company

Superteams.ai began when we saw the transformative potential of open source Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs). Driven by a passion for the forefront of technology and a belief in AI's power to drastically improve business operations and innovation, we set out to democratize access to AI expertise. Recognizing a gap in the market for accessible, expert-led AI teams, we envisioned a platform that could fill this void by providing fractional AI teams to businesses of any size.

Since our inception in March 2023, our culture has drawn a community of top-tier AI developers, researchers, and industry professionals, all united in tackling intricate challenges and extending the limits of what's achievable with AI.

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Building for a 100% remote future

Superteams.ai is building for a 100% remote future, where companies can engage the best developers and researchers from any geography and get their help in scaling their business.

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Vetted Pool of AI Researchers and Developers

Building a global talent pool of AI researchers and developers excelling in experimentation, content creation, and solution development.

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100% Technically and Editorially Verified

An in-house technology and editorial team who ensure that each piece of work is fact-checked for accuracy and follows a stringent set of guidelines.

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Human Created, AI Assisted

Developers who excel at strategically harnessing latest and greatest of open source AI for speedy solutions, deep-dives, content creation and R&D.

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Strategically Crafted

Gen AI strategy that is crafted through deep analysis of competitive landscape, market research, customer queries and usage data.

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Total Transparency

Complete visibility into our project management workflow, content pipeline and cadence calls, organized by assigned project managers.

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Focussed On KPIs

Strategy designed and executed to drive visibility, awareness and growth of a product, a brand, an organization or an individual.

What our Developers say

We pride in being able to serve two purposes at the same time. First, by helping businesses understand and leverage Generative AI. Second, by creating opportunities for top developers, researchers and creators no matter their geography.

It has been an inspiring experience working with the Superteams.ai team. Their constant engagement and support encourages me to work smartly. I see a huge opportunity in upskilling myself and learning from the talented professionals. Highly recommended to anyone looking to get into advanced technical writing space, where they want to build domain expertise over time.

Tavishee Chauhan

AI/ML Researcher, Writer

I am a freelance technical content creator with Superteams.ai. I really enjoy writing on the topics given to me and am inspired by the technical acumen displayed by the leadership at Superteams. The team is transparent, supportive, and flexible with my schedule and the writing tasks give me a valuable opportunity to upskill myself in a fast-evolving AI industry. I look forward to a long-term collaboration with Superteams.

Priya Mani

Priya Mani

AI Risk Consultant | PhD in Computer Science, George Mason University

Superteams.ai helped me kickstart my research and writing career at a very smooth yet fast pace. The topics that I am assigned enhance my research skills and I try my best to simplify complex subjects into simple and understandable format with the help of the editorial team here. The remote working culture that we follow at superteams.ai further makes my life flexible and I have a good work-life balance. Honestly, I couldn't ask for more.

Surya Remanan

AI/ML Researcher and Developer

In my role at Superteams.ai, I was employed as a AI researcher, specializing in the niche of Natural Language Processing (NLP). The working environment was extremely supportive, characterized by the encouragement and assistance I received not only from the company's founders but also from the entire team. I wholeheartedly recommend Superteams.ai to any AI researcher looking for a supportive, collaborative, and flexible working environment. The company’s ethos and practices are highly conducive to both professional growth and personal fulfillment.

Tanmay Singh

Research Intern, SCP, Georgia Tech | NLP Researcher

Working at Superteams.ai has been an incredible experience for me, where I've had the opportunity to explore continuously evolving AI technologies. With the support and guidance of the team, I've not only deepened my understanding of these complex concepts but also honed my skills in utilizing vector databases and knowledge graphs to tackle real-world challenges. I'm grateful for the chance to be part of such a forward-thinking community, where curiosity is celebrated, and innovation knows no bounds.

Akriti Upadhyay

M.Tech | AI Researcher

Working with Superteams.ai has been an invaluable experience. The diverse projects I've been involved in have significantly bolstered my understanding across various domains of AI research. The team's approach to task allocation has been wonderfully flexible. What stands out most about Superteams.ai is their commitment to fostering an environment that encourages growth and learning. I enthusiastically recommend Superteams.ai to any creative technical writer seeking a platform that offers diverse projects, fosters skill development, and provides a supportive community within the dynamic landscape of AI research.

Siddhant Saxena

Geometric DL Researcher, LCS2-IIT Delhi (pre-doc) | Visiting Researcher,  GenesisAILabs

Founding Team

CoFounder, CEO - Superteams.ai, Supercraft.co | Ex - Home Screen Network, Knowlarity, State.com, Mixercast | IIT Kanpur

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Come and join our amazing team

CoFounder - Supercraft.co, Superteams.ai | Ex - Home Screen Network, Amazon, Harper Collins, Penguin Random House

Come And Join Our
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Come and join our amazing team

CoFounder - Supercraft.co, Superteams.ai | Ex - Home Screen Network, Alibaba Cloud, E2E Networks, Knowlarity

Come And Join Our
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Come and join our amazing team