About Superteams.ai

On March 2023, we quietly unveiled Superteams.ai, a platform reimagining content creation workflow in the age of Generative and LLM AI. Since our launch, we have started empowering businesses to effortlessly generate top-notch content by harnessing domain-specific creators in 100% remote model.

Impactful Content,
At Scale.

Content creation workflow is undergoing a massive shift since the arrival of Generative AI and LLM technologies. We help you understand it and build you teams that can enable you to crack organic funnel.

The story behind our company

Superteams.ai was born out of our work at Supercraft, with a goal to help top creators, writers and researchers in specific domains get connected to companies operating in that domain.

Our goal is simple: to help companies showcase and explain their capabilities, through remote teams of content developers who specialize in creating domain-specific content that creates impact.

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Building for a 100% remote future

Superteams.ai is building for a 100% remote future, where companies can engage the best creators, writers and researchers from any geography and get their help in scaling their content funnel.

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Expert Writers and Creators

Building a global talent pool of communication specialists, who excel in devising content with subject matter expertise.

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100% Editorially Verified

An in-house editorial team of expert Editors who ensure that each piece of content is fact-checked for accuracy and follows a stringent set of guidelines.

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Human Written, AI Assisted

Writers who are trained to strategically harness latest and greatest of enterprise LLM AI for speedy research, deep-dives, summarizations and grammar checks.

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Strategically Crafted

Content strategy that is crafted through deep analysis of competitive landscape, market research, SEO studies, customer queries and usage data.

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Total Transparency

Complete visibility into our project management workflow, content pipeline and cadence calls, organized by assigned project managers.

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Focussed On KPIs

Content Strategy designed and executed to drive visibility, awareness and growth of a product, a brand, an organization or an individual.

What our Writers/Researchers say

We pride in being able to serve two purposes at the same time. First, by helping businesses build awareness and inbound funnel. Second, by creating opportunities for top writers, researchers and creators no matter their geography.

“It has been an inspiring experience working with the Superteams.ai team. Their constant engagement and support encourages me to work smartly. I see a huge opportunity in upskilling myself and learning from the talented professionals. Highly recommended to anyone looking to get into advanced technical writing space, where they want to build domain expertise over time.”

Tavishee Chauhan

AI/ML Researcher, Writer

I have been working as a freelancer for Superteams for some time now, and I am extremely impressed. The team at Superteams.ai allocates writing projects to me in a flexible manner,. What I appreciate the most is their prompt payments, which are always delivered without any delays. I am happy to be a part of Superteams.ai and highly recommend them to any content writer looking for a reliable and supportive platform.

Nivas Jayaseelan

Technical Writer, Team Leader

Superteams.ai helped me kickstart my research and writing career at a very smooth yet fast pace. The topics that I am assigned enhance my research skills and I try my best to simplify complex subjects into simple and understandable format with the help of the editorial team here. The remote working culture that we follow at superteams.ai further makes my life flexible and I have a good work-life balance. Honestly, I couldn't ask for more.

Surya Remanan

AI/ML Researcher and Developer

Working with superteams.ai has been a game-changer for my technical writing needs. The team's expertise and commitment to quality are unparalleled, and their ability to effectively communicate complex technical topics is awe-inspiring. With their help, I've created high-quality technical write-ups that have received positive feedback on. I highly recommend Superteams.ai to anyone in need of technical writing services.

Abhishek Shrivastav

Technical Writer

Founding Team

CoFounder, CEO - Superteams.ai, Supercraft.co | Ex - Home Screen Network, Knowlarity, State.com, Mixercast | IIT Kanpur

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Come and join our amazing team

CoFounder - Supercraft.co, Superteams.ai | Ex - Home Screen Network, Amazon, Harper Collins, Penguin Random House

Come And Join Our
Amazing Team - Promoplus X Webflow Template

Come and join our amazing team

CoFounder - Supercraft.co, Superteams.ai | Ex - Home Screen Network, Alibaba Cloud, E2E Networks, Knowlarity

Come And Join Our
Amazing Team - Promoplus X Webflow Template

Come and join our amazing team