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Join a network of the world's best AI researchers and developers, and get full- or part-time, long-term remote  jobs with better compensation and career growth.

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Superteams engagements are full-time and part-time. As your project nears completion, we identify the next opportunity for you within weeks.

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100% Remote

All our engagements are 100% remote and flexible, enabling you to work from where you are and focus on what you do best.

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Elite R&D Focused Jobs

Work with reputed companies and organisations while earning competitive salaries.

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Flexible hours

Enjoy the flexibility of working from home while building your career or focussing on your passion projects on the side.

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Career growth

Grow by working on varied and challenging content projects that allow you to build new skills and keep up with the trends.

Future of Remote Work is Here.

Stop spending your time bidding on projects. Join Superteams and focus on what you do best.

You'll never have to apply for another job

Our engagements are long-term. As one project nears completion, our team goes to work to identify the next one for you within weeks.

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Content teams for Generative AI, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning companies

Get jobs in 25+ skills across seniorities

Apply for jobs in Social Media Content Writing, Translation, Copy Writing, Technical Writing, Website Content Writing, Book Writing, Blog Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Transcribing, and more.

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Join the community of premium content developers

Get access to upskilling workshops, writing sprints, meetups, and a lot more — all designed to equip you with tools to build a career you will love.

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Who can

You can easily become a developer, if you meet the following requirements.

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Passionate about Generative AI

We hire the best researchers and developers who are passionate about using the power of Gen AI technology to solving business challenges.

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Time availability of minimum 20 hours per week

We allow part-time work, but prefer full-time 40-hour employment agreements.

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1+ year of industry experience

If you’ve worked as an developer or researcher, you will find opportunities more easily.

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3-6 hrs availability for tests & interviews

Take our tests and interviews designed by our experts.

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Keenness to learn about new businesses

Some of our customers are working with advanced tech tools, which you will need to grasp to write compelling content.

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Remote work requires effective and frequent communication. We hire those who understand that challenge and can overcome it by over-communicating.