Train LLMs for Your Domain with Top AI Researchers

Unleash the potential of large language models (LLMs) like LlaMa3, Mistral, Falcon, for your business. Partner with fractional AI researchers to build domain-specific LLMs.

Why Choose Fractional AI Researchers for LLM Training?

Access cutting-edge AI expertise as and when you need it.Ensure your LLMs are trained by the best, without long-term commitments.

Customized LLM Solutions

Personalized LLM training that align perfectly with your industry demands. Experience the power of custom-trained language models to build domain-specific AI for your business.

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Expert Fractional AI Talent

Tap into a pool of elite AI professionals for your specific requirements. Benefit from expert insights and LLM solutions on a fractional basis.

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Leveraging Cutting-Edge Techniques for LLM Training

Stay ahead with our expertise in the latest advancements. We utilize state-of-the-art methodologies like PeFT, LoRA, instruction fine-tuning, and reinforcement learning to deliver unparalleled LLM training tailored to your business needs.

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How Our Expert LLM Training Process Works

From initial consultation to final trained LLM, each step is designed to create tailor-made AI solutions for your business.


Initial Consultation

We'll schedule a call and understand your AI goals and requirements.


Match with Experts

We’ll identify and connect with the right AI researchers for your project..


Define Scope

We discuss the process to organize training data for your specific scenario.


Identify Infrastructure

We'll provide you with recommendations for GPU and infrastructure.


Training Phase

Our fractional AI experts train LLMs tailored to your needs, on infrastructure we agree on.



Once training is complete, we either iterate or deliver the final model with weights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our platform and our approach to building fractional AI teams.

What does do? empowers businesses to leverage the AI-driven decade by unlocking the full potential of Generative AI. Our strength lies in assembling elite fractional teams – a potent blend of industry-leading developers, researchers, and educators. These teams tackle your needs on two key fronts.

Firstly, they conduct R&D and educate your customers or developers by crafting comprehensive solution-building guides, tutorials, and technology-focused content, helping both developers and customers to understand this rapidly evolving domain.

Secondly, our teams develop and implement GenAI solutions that address specific business challenges at scale. Through rigorous R&D and compelling proof-of-concept demos, we showcase the practical applications and benefits of GenAI that impacts your industry. This approach lays the groundwork for success in the age of AI.

What is the process through which teams generate technical and technology-focussed content?

At, we curate writers, creators, developers, researchers and technologists with a deep sense of curiosity and willingness to try out platforms, APIs, create solutions and conduct experiments, through a powerful tech-driven vetting process. Once selected, we create fractional teams of content creators who have deep domain knowledge. Finally, we have an in-house editorial process and a team of technical editors, to ensure content quality. The developers first conduct tests, experiment, build example solutions and write about it. Technical writers and editors then generate content from it in various formats, such as blogs, articles, explainer videos, product documentation, API documentation, and more. The content generated can used to build developer communities, drive marketing, leverage long-term SEO and build visibility for the platform in front of customers and investors.

Using our process, Cloud Computing companies, Hyperscalers, Generative AI and Machine Learning startups, IaaS / PaaS platforms and Blockchain companies are creating and showcasing their platform through developer-centric content that acts like a magnet for developers and new customers. Additionally, we also have technical copywriters who collaborate with PR teams and form the bridge between the company and media, to ensure that the company is represented in the right way.

How is does developer marketing offered by differ from what content agencies or freelancers do? does not compete with content agencies. Content agencies tend to focus on a wide range of topics, but do not bring the technical expertise necessary to create technical content for deep-tech companies. Creating developer-focused content, on the other hand, require a lot of management and handholding to ensure that the content they generate is of value. Finally, building in-house teams is expensive, as it requires the effort of hiring, training, and editorial team to check for quality.

At, we are bringing together teams of technologists, early-career developers and researchers, and technical writers who have demonstrated a background in creating high quality technical content. Due to our focus on the niche of 'explaining technology', we offer an entirely different approach than what content agencies or freelancers offer. Our developers conduct research, build solutions, and then explain the process through content. We then pair them with writers and editors to achieve top-notch quality.

If you work with us as a client, expect our teams to deep-dive and understand your platform as a developer or customer would, experiment with it, use the APIs to showcase solutions, and generate content in numerous formats during the process.

What sort of content can teams help with? teams align the content strategy in collaboration with clients, and decide on formats that work for that business. For Cloud Computing and Cloud GPU companies, for example, our teams have recently created technical walkthrough that showcases how developers can build and train Large Language Models (LLMs), fine-tuning image generation models, or creating text-to-video or text-to-speech using emerging open source generative AI technologies. They have then crafted content explaining these experiments in form of articles, videos, social media posts, learning resources and more. For GenAI startups, for example, our teams have showcased how stock media generation can be streamlined through fine-tuning of AI models.

At our core, we operate like a R&D lab in collaboration with our partnering businesses, and then generate content in a range of formats from our work, which showcases their platform in the best way possible for developers and their clients to understand.

How does help with Gen AI solutioning? helps businesses engage fractional AI teams who have worked with the latest AI models, contributed to open source Generative AI technologies, and are adept at R&D.  

These teams are project managed by us and collaborate closely with client companies to identify unique challenges and opportunities within their industries that can be addressed with Generative AI technologies. Through a systematic approach that encompasses initial concept development, iterative testing, and refining of AI models, we ensure that the R&D process is both efficient and effective.

We constantly track the latest research and emerging AI models, and ensure that our developers incorporate the latest architectural approaches and technological breakthroughs into their projects. Our focus on cutting-edge R&D enables us to develop proof-of-concept solutions that can be scaled and integrated into their operations for maximum impact.

How are fractional AI teams more cost effective than hiring in-house?

Fractional AI teams provide a cost-effective alternative to hiring in-house for several key reasons.

Firstly, they allow companies to tap into a pool of highly specialized AI experts without the commitment and expenses associated with full-time employment. This means access to top-tier talent for only as long as needed, reducing overhead costs such as salaries, benefits, and workspace.

Secondly, these fractional teams are scalable and flexible, adapting to the project's demands without the need for long-term financial commitments. Businesses can scale their AI team up or down based on project needs, ensuring they are only paying for the expertise when it's necessary. This scalability helps manage budget constraints more effectively than maintaining a full-time in-house team that may not be fully utilized outside specific project timelines.

Furthermore,'s model eliminates the time and resources typically spent on recruitment, training, and retention of highly skilled AI professionals. By providing immediate access to a diverse team of experts ready to hit the ground running, companies can accelerate their AI projects, reducing the time to market and gaining a competitive edge.

How does the vetting process for developers work?

We have developed a proprietary vetting engine, where AI developers and researchers have to answer timed questions from question banks we have created around their subject of interest. The vetting engine has a timer, and can detect if a writer switches tabs or windows. The question bank has been designed to test the technical writers on terminologies, jargons and the language used in domains they claim to be experts of.

Furthermore, we also test them on their content creation skills, and their ability to conduct interviews and work collaboratively with clients. Once they pass our tests, their profile is activated and they can work with us anytime on a part-time or full-time model, or pause their engagement for a period of time. This enables them to work with us on a simple on-demand freelance model, while continuing their primary work or study.