Engage the Top 1% Content Creators and Harness the Power of Generative AI for Your Business

Superteams.ai matches modern businesses with an exclusive network of vetted, high-quality content creators, combined with open-source Generative AI technologies, to deliver top quality content at scale.

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Traditional content creation is over.

Build fractional content teams with subject matter expertise. Leverage our fully managed workflow to solve content challenges at scale.

Hire Vetted Teams of Fractional Content Creators On-Demand to Explain Your Platform and Company

A content-first solution for any modern technology company's content challenges. Use our platform to engage the most talented technology-focussed content creators. Free up your internal resources to focus on your core product.

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Fully Managed Content Workflow for Startups and Enterprises

A complete solution with a fully dedicated team. Superteams.ai will consult with you on your platform, your customers and your customer communities. We then put together a team of technologists and technical writers to help you solve your content challenges.

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Bringing Science, Technology and Research to Professional Content

Our communications specialists, with years of experience, bring modern content development methodologies to your business. With unparalleled industry and technology knowledge, using a blend of individualized research, development, writing and AI.

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Hybrid Content Teams for Your Business

Superteams.ai creates hybrid content creation teams, who specialize in creating impactful domain-specific content.

For GenAI, Deep Learning and AI/ML Companies

Superteams.ai puts together teams of developers, researchers and writers to generate high-quality, developer-centric content at scale for GenAI, Deep Learning and AI/ML startups and businesses.

Content teams for Generative AI, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning companies

For Cloud Computing and Infrastructure Companies

Engage developer-writer teams to create visibility through powerful technology-focussed content that helps educate your customers and showcases your platform capabilities.

Superteams content teams for modern businesses

For Climate Tech and Circular Economy Companies

Hire content teams who are driven by sustainability. We curate expert faculty, industry mentors and students to create original content that showcase the vision of your climate company.

Superteams.ai content teams for climate tech, circular economy and sustainability businesses

For Universities and Institutes

Create multilingual content that showcases your research, publications, student life, curriculum, placements and success stories that helps build thought leadership and grows admissions funnel.

Superteams.ai content writers for education businesses - such as Universities, Institutes and Colleges

Love from Our Writers, Creators and Researchers

We pride in being able to serve two purposes at the same time. First, by helping businesses build awareness and inbound funnel. Second, by creating opportunities for top writers, researchers and creators no matter their geography.

“It has been an inspiring experience working with the Superteams.ai team. Their constant engagement and support encourages me to work smartly. I see a huge opportunity in upskilling myself and learning from the talented professionals. Highly recommended to anyone looking to get into advanced technical writing space, where they want to build domain expertise over time.”

Tavishee Chauhan

AI/ML Researcher, Writer

I have been working as a freelancer for Superteams for some time now, and I am extremely impressed. The team at Superteams.ai allocates writing projects to me in a flexible manner,. What I appreciate the most is their prompt payments, which are always delivered without any delays. I am happy to be a part of Superteams.ai and highly recommend them to any content writer looking for a reliable and supportive platform.

Nivas Jayaseelan

Technical Writer, Team Leader

Superteams.ai helped me kickstart my research and writing career at a very smooth yet fast pace. The topics that I am assigned enhance my research skills and I try my best to simplify complex subjects into simple and understandable format with the help of the editorial team here. The remote working culture that we follow at superteams.ai further makes my life flexible and I have a good work-life balance. Honestly, I couldn't ask for more.

Surya Remanan

AI/ML Researcher and Developer

Working with superteams.ai has been a game-changer for my technical writing needs. The team's expertise and commitment to quality are unparalleled, and their ability to effectively communicate complex technical topics is awe-inspiring. With their help, I've created high-quality technical write-ups that have received positive feedback on. I highly recommend Superteams.ai to anyone in need of technical writing services.

Abhishek Shrivastav

Technical Writer

Why CMOs and CTOs of Modern Technology Businesses Choose Superteams.ai

Technology businesses often find it challenging to build a nuanced content workflow, which impacts their visibility, revenue and sales funnel. Superteams.ai helps solve this problem through fractional content teams.

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Create top quality content at scale

Engage content teams that operate like an R&D team, while creating content in the process. Showcase your platform through walkthroughs, tutorials, whitepapers, case studies, examples and explainer videos.

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Editorially checked and verified

Every piece of content generated is editorially checked by our team for quality and uniqueness. Automated proofreading and auditing processes, with human editorial intervention, ensures that we do our best to provide top-notch quality.

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Vetted for industry experience

We require every content developer working with us to be able to demonstrate past experience in specific technology domains. Our vetting process involves timed questions that test for domain knowledge, and content generation ability.

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Mixing multiple media formats

Our content creators combine the ability to generate text, video, audio and other exciting formats to convey your message. At our MediaAI Lab, we are building Generative AI technologies that can streamline your media content workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our platform and our approach to building fractional content teams.

What does Superteams.ai do?

Digital-native Technology businesses often lose out on visibility, brand awareness, organic funnel, revenue and Product-Led Growth (PLG) due to their inability to create a content pipeline. With sales process increasingly moving online, content is the key to the success of a business.

Superteams.ai helps modern technology businesses solve this problem by putting together hybrid remote fractional teams of content experts, researchers and technical writers. Our content experts help you generate thought leadership and press-worthy content, while our researchers and technical writers can deep-dive into platforms, conduct experiments, test APIs, build solutions, and then generate content in numerous modern formats, which the company can use for growing its platform.

What is the process through which Superteams.ai teams generate technical and technology-focussed content?

At Superteams.ai, we curate writers, creators, developers, researchers and technologists with a deep sense of curiosity and willingness to try out platforms, APIs, create solutions and conduct experiments, through a powerful tech-driven vetting process. Once selected, we create fractional teams of content creators who have deep domain knowledge. Finally, we have an in-house editorial process and a team of technical editors, to ensure content quality. The developers first conduct tests, experiment, build example solutions and write about it. Technical writers and editors then generate content from it in various formats, such as blogs, articles, explainer videos, product documentation, API documentation, and more. The content generated can used to build developer communities, drive marketing, leverage long-term SEO and build visibility for the platform in front of customers and investors.

Using our process, Cloud Computing companies, Hyperscalers, Generative AI and Machine Learning startups, IaaS / PaaS platforms and Blockchain companies are creating and showcasing their platform through developer-centric content that acts like a magnet for developers and new customers. Additionally, we also have technical copywriters who collaborate with PR teams and form the bridge between the company and media, to ensure that the company is represented in the right way.

How does Superteams.ai differ from content agencies or freelance writers?

Superteams.ai does not compete with content agencies. Content agencies tend to focus on a wide range of topics, but do not bring the technical expertise necessary to create technical content for deep-tech companies. Freelance technical writers, on the other hand, require a lot of management and handholding to ensure that the content they generate is of value. Finally, building in-house teams is expensive, as it requires the effort of hiring, training, and editorial team to check for quality.

At Superteams.ai, we are bringing together teams of technologists, early-career developers and researchers, and technical writers who have demonstrated a background in creating high quality technical content. Due to our focus on the niche of 'explaining technology', we offer an entirely different approach than what content agencies or freelancers offer.

If you work with us as a client, expect our teams to deep-dive and understand your platform as a developer or customer would, experiment with it, use the APIs to showcase solutions, and generate content in numerous formats during the process.

What sort of content can Superteams.ai teams help with?

Superteams.ai teams align the content strategy in collaboration with clients, and decide on formats that work for that business. For Cloud Computing and Cloud GPU companies, for example, our teams have recently created technical walkthrough that showcases how developers can build and train Large Language Models (LLMs) or Text-to-Video or TTS using emerging open source generative AI technologies. They have then generated content from these experiments in form of articles, videos, social media posts, learning resources and more. For GenAI startups, for example, our teams have showcased how stock media generation can be streamlined through fine-tuning of AI models.

At our core, we operate like a R&D lab in collaboration with our partnering businesses, and then generate content in a range of formats from our work, which showcases their platform in the best way possible for developers and their clients to understand.

What engagement model does Superteams.ai follow?

Our engagement model is extremely simple and transparent: we offer a range of subscription plans to our clients, which is billed monthly or annually. Clients can cancel anytime, and they can upscale or downscale in the next billing cycle. Furthermore, clients only pay for the content they finally approve, so it's virtually risk-free.

Does Superteams.ai offer a free trial period?

Due to the nature of our technical content creation process, our technical teams and tech writers spend considerable time understanding a platform, and generating content around it.

Therefore, it is impossible for us to offer free trial to our clients. However, if our clients are unhappy with the work the content team is generating, we will replace and find another appropriate talent without any cost. Also, clients can simply cancel their subscription anytime. Finally, if clients want to disengage within first seven days of engagement, we offer a 100% refund.

How does the Superteams.ai vetting process for technical writers work?

We have developed a proprietary vetting engine, where technical writers and technical content creators have to answer timed questions from question banks we have created around their subject of interest. The vetting engine has a timer, and can detect if a writer switches tabs or windows. The question bank has been designed to test the technical writers on terminologies, jargons and the language used in domains they claim to be experts of.

Furthermore, we also test them on their content creation skills, and their ability to conduct interviews and work collaboratively with clients. Once they pass our tests, their profile is activated and they can work with us anytime on a part-time or full-time model, or pause their engagement for a period of time. This enables them to work with us on a simple on-demand freelance model, while continuing their primary work or study.