Soum Paul

CoFounder @ Supercraft Inc - & | Building Platforms for Top Writers, Researchers and Content Developers | 2x Published Author | IIT Kanpur | Yoga | Travel


Soum is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, author and CoFounder/CEO of Supercraft Inc, company behind and platforms. Supercraft Inc is building the next-generation content platforms for B2B and B2C content, harnessing workflows that combine 100% remote writing talent, and modern open-source enterprise-grade Generative AI technologies. Supercraft was founded in 2022, with the vision to transform content creation in the era of AI and remote work. Supercraft Inc has raised pre-seed round from top US-based Angels and India-based VCs, and is currently helping Hyperscalers, SaaS Platforms and Education brands build visibility through content.

Soum was also the Founder/CEO of Spark.Live, which was India’s first Creator-led Multilingual Marketplace of Live cohort-based courses (CBCs). Spark.Live solved fundamental access problems for the next half billion users in key areas like skill development, education, mental health and wellness, physical health, lifestyle and living. During its time, Spark.Live enabled connected Trainers/Mentors and Users from 1700+ districts across India’s tier 2 and tier 3.

Prior to Spark.Live, Soum led content 3-studio premium-content generation company – Home Screen Network – which raised $2Mn+ from VCs and was covered extensively by media for its work. Home Screen Network helped 100+ businesses build inbound funnel and drive organic interest through video-first content. Home Screen Network had studios in Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai, and worked with 10K+ video creators across India. Home Screen Network had to eventually shut down due to Covid-19, and pivot to Spark.Live.

Prior to Supercraft, Spark.Live and Home Screen Network, he has been part of core teams of various high-growth startups – Knowlarity (acquired), (London), Mixercast (San Francisco, acquired). He has also published two books, and is in the process of writing his third one.